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Phlegm - Short Film

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

A powerful man is confronted about his place in the world, by a being that manifests in the objects around him.

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On the eve of sending the resources needed to start a new life on Mars, PRIME MINISTER GUTHRIE starts his day like any other: a shit and a shower. However, something is troubling him. He tries to ignore it at first, but he is haunted by the physical manifestation of his moral compass, the BEING.

First, it appears inside the toilet as...well...a SHIT. Protesting and demanding to be listened to. But Guthrie, familiar with the being, flushes it away. But it quickly reappears in his mouth. Specifically, in the form of his TOOTHBRUSH. The Being challenges Guthrie’s choices as one of the world’s most powerful people. Guthrie claims his prime-ministerial decisions are altruistic. So what if he gets a few projects off the ground to look good? In his own words, he ‘works hard!’ But the Being knows better and knows how to get under his skin. Every retort Guthrie throws, the Being has one better. Angry, Guthrie snaps the toothbrush in half and bins it. But then he starts coughing, violently, then spits out a glob of black PHLEGM. He cannot escape, he must confront his conscience. He is almost swayed. The Phlegm is convincing, logical and concise. But Guthrie’s pride is much stronger. His maniacal, egotistical, unabashed true self comes to the surface. The Being can’t bring him back now. He’s unwilling to change and he’s happy about it. After going so far as declaring himself a God, he flushes the Being away for good. He readies himself for his big day. But we find out in the credits, it did not go to plan.

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