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Arts are an expression of society’s culture.

In the past, painting and drawing depended on the artist’s skills in wielding his traditional tools, as computers and software have become more powerful and transportable, the digital art world has become more accessible and the artwork generated has risen to an outstanding level. NEW ECW is pioneer in this sector, helping artists bring their vision to life and reach their target audience.

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Fashion Film

Fashion as Art - Film for the launch of London Fashion Week.


#film #music #production #edit

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Power to the page!

We love traditional media and print is one our favourites! We work with some of the most exciting artists and editors to help bring their projects to life.

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Project Uprising - WAC Magazine

Combining Art and Fashion - A two part concept art piece exploring the varieties of beauty. By NEW ECW.

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WeAreCollision Project Uprising Part 1 - 'Second Nature'

WeAreCollision Project Uprising Part 2 - 'Descendants Depart'


Harmony between creativity and technology 

NFTs are a part of culture. Whilst NFTs are not as mainstream in the way that smartphones or Star Wars are mainstream, they do seem to have, shown some staying power, even outside of the cryptosphere.

Are you interested in selling your digital Art, reach out to us to find out how?

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NFT Overview Document

Available for Free Download

Download our Free NFT overview document below and learn how to turn your art into an NFT.

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NFT Overview & Opportunities

Do you have any ideas or upcoming projects you have?

Download our Free NFT overview document below that takes you through what they are, when and how they became popular and how we can help you turn your art into an NFT.

•Now you’ve made your short film and taken it to festivals why not sell it as an NFT?

•You’re art is popular on Insta, could your fans interact with it in new ways?

•You love performing at the club on Friday nights, this is your art and you can share it!

•Are you a musician who loves technology, we can help you find new ways to create and distribute your sound.

•You enjoy reading poetry to your writers group and they love hearing it. Share it with the world others will love it just as much.

•You are a expert, bottle it up and share it!

Get in touch, and let’s help you progress you project to the next level.


Meet Our Mascot

NFT - Moonitors #4

First-edition moonitor NFT

Issue date: 2021-10-19

Publisher: BinanceNFT

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